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15,74 EUR*
Details The Home-Based Bookstore: Start Your Own Business Selling Used Books on Amazon,: Start Your Own Business Selling Used Books on Amazon, EBay or Your Own Web Site

The Home-Based Bookstore One of the most profitable, low-risk ideas for home businesses is selling used books online. Readers will learn everything they need to know to start this lucrative business part-time and then work as little or as much as they ...

28,88 EUR*
Details Elgg Social Networking: Create and manage your own social network site using this free open-source tool (From Technologies to Solutions)

Elgg Social Networking Elgg is an open-source social web application licensed under GPL version 2, and runs on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) or WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform. It offers a networking platform combining elements ...

32,00 EUR*
Details Constructing Atmospheres: Test-Sites for an Aesthetics of Joy

"This is a really wonderful book. Backing up her theory of an aesthetics of joy with Spinoza, Bergson, and Deleuze, Margit's very strength is a kind of pragmatic phenomenology. By offering insights into her own practice, ways of creating and ...

32,71 EUR*
Details Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 (Programmer to Programmer)

Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 Presents task-oriented examples that can help reader build their own sites. This title includes chapters designed to complete a part of the sample Web site, introducing technology topics as required. It helps to make extensive ...

40,00 EUR*
Details Other Modernisms in an Age of Globalisation

Both Modernism and Globalization are concepts that oscillate between homogenization and differentiation, each supplying totalizing platforms and sites of resistance. Cultural manifestations of difference and accommodation arise, producing their own ...

8,57 EUR*
Details Piano Bar

Piano Bar: After the office it's off to the watering hole. Sit back, relax, have a few drinks - and the pianist provides the perfectly relaxing sound track. Well, enjoy this at your own home! Piano Bar comes at a small price, helping you save the ...

11,13 EUR*
Details Tröstisar Schmusetuch "Mamsi" - grün

Mamsi just loves listening to children's stories. She's a beautiful green bear who loves to sit and listen knee while you read her a story, or tell her one of your own. She loves to hear about your day, which friends you played with and what you got ...

6,05 EUR*
Details Plant World Seeds - Petteria Ramentacea Seeds

This rare monotypic plant, in a genus all on its own, is related to Laburnum, differing primarily in the upright racemes of beautiful fragrant yellow flowers. It prefers a sheltered well-drained site and when in full bloom is gorgeous and will defy ...

87,39 EUR*
Details pizza stone set for lotus grill

In combination with the Lotus BBQ Grill and Grill Hood (both sold separately), this Pizza Stone Set converts into the most versatile & portable pizza stove in the World. The Pizza Stone sits on the rack (supplied), and it can be used on its own but we ...

27,27 EUR*
Details Toot Toot Drivers Car Construction Vehicles (Pack of 3)

Let?s get to work at the construction site! Zoom into learning fun with the Toot-Toot Drivers pack of construction vehicles. Pack includes the cement mixer, dumper truck and bulldozer, each with their own fun phrases and realistic sound effects, push ...

20,66 EUR*
Details Stackers Classic Size Schmuckkästchen mit Rot Samt Finish Lining.

Create your own Jewellery Box. The Best And Most Versatile Jewellery Box Storage Solution available today. The concept is like many of the Best ideas, Simple; with each Stacker designed to sit neatly and securely on top of one another, with different ...

71,49 EUR*
Details Building Your Straw Bale Home: From Foundations to the Roof (Landlinks Press)

Building Your Straw Bale Home This practical guide is written especially for the owner-builder and provides step-by-step instructions supported by diagrams and photographs. It covers the construction process from site preparation through to ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Springfield Collection Pre-Stuffed Doll 18"-Olivia - Red Hair & Green Eyes

Fibre Craft-Springfield Collection 18In Doll. These Beautiful Dolls Are Pose Able And Can Sit On Their Own, Feature Sleeping Eyes And Brush Able Hair, Soft Stuffed Bodies And Plastic Head And Limbs. Look For All The Fashion Options By Fibre Craft ...

14,49 EUR*
Details How to Garden: Planning, Planting, and Maintaining Your Outside Space

This book offers everything you need to know when planning a garden, including advice on drawing your own garden plan; how to create garden features such as walls, ponds, patios and arches; and how to deal with every kind of garden site. It features ...

20,00 EUR*
Details The Street-Smart Salesman: How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich

"The benefit to my own company's fortunes, having worked with Anthony, has been a steadily expanding client roster, a leg up on my competition, and the ability to comfortably walk through any door knowing that the prospect who sits in judgment of my ...